My yellow notebook #13 – Friends of the artist & concert (1)



Out of some abstract space, a person flies, jumps, glides, hovers… or, does the person fly, jump, glide and hover into this abstract space?

The people are still: Eyes closed. Bodies at ease. Concentrating on the inner self. Oblivious to their surroundings. At such times, people can plumb inconceivable depths, unexpected spaces. Time stands still. (from the “Into the Void” series)

Or: A person hugs a tree to which he is tied by ropes. Eyes closed. Body at ease. Concentrating on the inner self. Oblivious to his surroundings. An expression of intense reflection. People allow themselves to be tied up, start an inner voyage, hold still for a moment, instead of taking action. (Series: “Boundaries”)

Last year I spoke with Helge about my enthusiasm for Gerhard Richter and Neo Rauch. He replied, “You have got to see the paintings of Dénesh Ghyczy!” Shortly afterwards, I had the opportunity to view them. The paintings were overwhelming. Specific individuals were correlated with abstract spaces in an atmosphere fraught with tension. They were about IDENTITY. Situations that have pursued me my whole life and will in future were masterfully captured on canvas.

In Dénesh’s paintings I see the entire spectrum of human existence. I see the seeking, the letting-yourself-fall, the jumping into different, new worlds. They are about realizing INNER FREEDOM, the INNER SECURITY, the awareness of soul-body-human. Transcendent yet a simultaneous confrontation of self and self-certainty in the most intensive fashion. Nobody is running away, nobody is losing themselves in a capitalistic nothingness and the associated roles and behaviour patterns. Nobody has lost the plot, is alienated or just touching things superficially. No, the acteurs are completely at peace, at one with themselves and the unknown, the universal abstraction. They are on a voyage of the inner world, listening to their inner voice. They let go, are independent of external (un-)certainties. They are undistracted, are not afraid of the unknown, unfamiliar, and unexplained. They are centered, at one with themselves and make autonomous decisions. They are on the way – their way. They are FREE.

Dènesh Ghyczy: Night Dive, 2010

Déneshs paintings touch something deep within me. They are very much in tune with my own thoughts, perception of the world, the attitude to things, issues and the problems that occupy modern society in this age of collective madness. It will be fantastic for me to give my next concert on the 17th of March, at the location where he will have been working for a month!