One year ago I was anxiously looking forward to my first solo concert in 17 years. 365 days later I can look back on the workshop concerts nos. 11, 12 and 13, all of which were held at the Himmelpfort Mill.

The auditorium there is imbued with a unique, magical spirit. 
It sounds great. 
The windows let in a lot of light, air, the trees and the sky. 
And acoustically, it is dominated by the intensive bubbling of the creek flowing past the mill.


The creek

The room

The grand piano

The light

The air

The trees

The sky

The stars

The people

What an amazing setting!


For concert no. 11 I tried adding some new pieces that were nowhere near being finished to the repertoire. For concerts 12 & 13 I experimented with a new dramaturgy. Two atmospheric and self-contained cycles of 40 minutes each, interrupted by a long break.

Part 1 consisted of a combination of quiet, lyrical inward-looking pieces in the repertoire … and the second cycle after the break was comprised of rhythmic/driving compositions with a classically minimal background.

A chance to delve into one world and then later into a completely different one.




During recent concerts I had noticed how it was getting easier to let myself go and fall into the moment more and more naturally. I am gaining the courage, the condition/concentration and growing pleasure to step away from presenting the pieces in a defined form. I can rely more on their inherent substance, which allows intuitive interpretations suited to the moment. As a result, the compositions then in fact become unique to each performance.


Most of all, I would like to thank the amazing audiences who gave me the wonderful opportunity to play and also Brit Eismann & Tilman Kunowski, without whom these concerts would never have happened, because otherwise, there would not have been this mill, this amazing energy field in such a wonderful form.

PS: On 28 November I will play a private performance at Schloss Bernstorf.

Then on Saturday, 9 December I will give a concert in Berlin – to end an amazing year on a high note!

I will post the details next week.