High quality art book with scores, texts, drawings, documents and photographs. (texts in German language).

Format 32 x 23 cm I 144 pages, thread sewing I
500 copies I limited edition I numbered & hand signed I

Texts, tableaus & scores: Harald Blüchel I photography: Tino Pohlmann, pohlmann.photo I graphic design: Rainer Schleßelmann, Labor für Gestaltung Schleßelmann GmbH, lfgberlin.de
Printing & binding: Lieblingsdrucker GmbH, www.Lieblingsdrucker.de
Paper, inside pages: Fedrigoni – Arena white rough 120 g/m2 I Paper, cover: 300 g/m2

© 2020 photos: the authors
© 2020 texts: Harald Blüchel
© 2020 music: Cosmic Enterprises music & publishing GmbH
© 2020 for this edition: Cosmic Enterprises music & publishing GmbH

ISBN 978 – 3 – 00 – 064947 – 9

Notes und Noten

If I had two wishes as a composer, it would be:

  1. that my music has an audience (of course!)
  2. that my music is played by as many people as possible (certainly!)

A few months ago I was thinking of publishing regular sheet music, with a special touch, though: an aesthetic envelope, high quality binding, special paper.
Little by little more details came in: perhaps a drawing here, a photo there, some documents from my (yellow) notebooks … At this point the linguistic relationship between the terms notes (notebook) and note (in a musical way) jumped in the eye for the first time.

Both are my preferred means of expression, to represent personal positions of relations between the inside and outside world. Spontaneously thrown thoughts – as Notes in concrete words – here, organized thoughts – translated with notes into the unlimited language of music – there.
What we finally have here is a synthesis of both, a music book ( in German language: “Notenbuch”): a fragmentary collection of materials from the life practice of my human existence – thoughts, experiences, questions, paraphrases, quotes, desiderates, aspects, feelings, drafts, sources … textual, graphical, idealistic, formative, evaluative, photographically and musically.