1963 - 1987/

born on the 19th February in Nürnberg
Discovers the piano
Begin of classical piano instruction 
Conservatory Nuremberg
Discovery of electronic pop-music (CLUSTER, KRAFTWERK, TANGERINE DREAM, later VANGELIS and RYUICHI SAKAMOTO), and the dream of playing the Synthesizer himself.
First compositions for piano and electronic and tape loops
First releases on cassette tape-labels and founding of school-bands
Abitur – German High School Graduation at Pirckheimer Gymnasium Nuremberg
Refuses to do military service and opts for civil service in a school for the physically handicapped in Nuremberg
Move to Berlin / West

Study of sound engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin and study of composition at  Hochschule der Künste Berlin.

1988 - 1993/

His electronic work meets the beginning of Techno/Housemusic in Berlin
July: The first “Love-Parade” celebrated with 149 like-minded party-goers
November: Fall of the Berlin wall: Boom of Techno-House-Culture in Berlin, particularly in the eastern part of the city.
Creation of a radio play for Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), together with author and director Helmut Marko (“Asyl” concerning xenophobia. Premiere: March 1990). More plays for WDR follow, from now on as freelance productions
First live-appearances on Techno-parties under the pseudonym “COSMIC BABY”.

The enthusiasm in the internationally networked techno scene for making music and the success of the first record releases create the energy and spirit which frees the way for the evolving Cosmic Baby school of music composition within the techno scene.

From now he terms himself a “freelance composer”.

12 releases in all, rapturous reception at stage appearances in practically every city in Germany, first tours to the USA, contact with outstanding exponents of technomusic.
The media response breaks all barriers. (“Premier Star of Technomusic”, “Techno-Wunderkind“).
Oktober Lead actor in the ZDF/ARTE-Documentary “Lost in Music: “Tekkno-Trance”.
November Legendary solo-album-debut: “Stellar Supreme”
Reader surveys carried out by the leading techno magazines in Germany, GROOVE and FRONTPAGE, name Cosmic Baby ‘Best Live-Act’, and ‘Best Project/Producer’.
The New York cult magazine, ‘BRAND X’ talks of the “Best Live Performer of the Year 1992”.
Performances on the most significant parties, raves, and festivals all over Europe and the USA and Australia.
Releases of projects in cooperation with other outstanding artists, which become so called “all-time classics”: „ENERGY 52“, „VISIONS OF SHIVA“, „FUTURHYTHM“.

1994 - 1999/

Domestic releases in the USA, England and Australia. During the next months he is the subject of cover stories in English magazines such as “GENERATOR” and gets full-page spreads in “NME”, “Melody Maker”, “DJ Magazine” and “Mix Mag”. TV-Feature on Cosmic Baby appears in “Kulturweltspiegel” in Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen (ARD). Renting an apartment in New York for second home.
February The single, ‘LOOPS OF INFINITY’ gets into the German charts and stays three months in the Top 30.
April World premiere of the Techno-Musical ‘FUTURA’, by the PYRO SPACE BALLET (Conception & direction from Kerstin Rehberg) in the AKADEMIE DER KÜNSTE, Berlin
June Establishes his own music publisher, COSMIC ENTERPRISES MUSIC & PUBLISHING GMBH
Setting up of the own label, TIME OUT OF MIND -RECORDS
Concerts all over Europe, US-tours with the final concert in Mexico City.
July Named as BEST ELECTRONIC DANCE ACT by the American magazine,”Project X”
Oktober First release on his own label: the 40-minute composition „STUNDE NULL“ is an answer to the increasingly brazen exploitation of his style by others.
Work on realizing his live acts, which transcend the content of normal techno events:   Planetary Leningrad(St.Petersburg), „Zen Festival“, Orlando/Florida, Open-Air-Solo Konzert bei „Würzburger Festspiele“. 
February Premiere of ANDORRA from Max Frisch in the Staatstheater Stuttgart, directed by Crescentia Dünsser & Otto Kukla, music: Harald Blüchel/ Cosmic Baby.
August Setting up the Website WWW.COSMIC-BABY.COM, designed by the highly advanced start-up BYTECOM, Würzburg. 
Piano compositions for the documentary titled, “Mit Haut and Haar”, screened in 1999 on TV by Arte and ZDF and at numerous European film festivals.  
March First concert tours with own crew and special light-concept by the light-architect Stefan Hofmann through 22 cities in Europe and USA.
July Setting up of own factory space including an extensive new studio: apart from MIDI-compositions, capability to reherse, create and produce pieces for classical instruments on site. 
September Last international live-performance in front of 10.000 people in Tampa/FL.

2000 - 2010/

Two month stay in Zurich working on a 60 minute composition for a string quartet to accompany the video-opera, “MEMORY” at the Theater Neumarkt/Zürich under the direction of Otto Kukla, performed by Amar-Quartett/Zürich.Premiere of “MEMORY” to outstanding reviews in “Neue Züricher Zeitung”, “Tagesanzeiger“/Zürich, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.
Definition of the “white-black-red-blue” – concept. Announcements of works to be released in the very near future, which become withdrawn later without any comment.
Start of the musical cooperation with the German musician & producer Christopher von Deylen (“SCHILLER”) as “BLÜCHEL & VON DEYLEN”.
Composition for Susan Sontag`s stage play “Frau vom Meer” (“THE MERMAID”) at Theater Neumarkt/Zurich, directed by Otto Kukla: “COMPOSITION FOR SOPRAN,COUNTERTENOR,INSTRUMENTS & HD-RECORDING”.
January Release of “BLÜCHEL & VON DEYLEN”-CD-album “bi polar”, followed by live-performances in Germany and at the “JAZZFEST MONTREUX”/Switzerland.
Dezember “bi polar” elected for “best album of the year” by the influential RADIO EINS –  broadcast-show “Elektro Beats” on RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
Jan-March Composition for Max Frisch`s „Andorra“ directed by Tina Lanik, Schauspielhaus Hamburg.
September Release of Harald Blüchel`s CD-album – „Die Toteninsel“ first part of „Zauberberg-Trilogy“. part 2 „caged“ and part 3 „Electric Chamber Music“ will follow in March and June 2007.
Dezember 2006 – Februar 2007 Composition for Frederico Garcia Lorca`s „The House of Bernarda Alba“ at Schauspiel Köln. Director: Hans Neuenfels
Beginning to release all Cosmic Baby work in MP3 format on download platforms like iTunes and Beatport.
Joining the artist group “Gühne und Kollegen” which combines the fields of literature, stageplay, music, documentation and society questions. First performance: “Danach: Wie Robinson ?! – Arno Schmidt für 2 Spieler, eine Leserin und ein E-Piano”. Premier: 8th of May, theatre “unterm Dach”, Berlin.
February Premiere of “Ice scating with Inge Müller” on 18/Feb/2010 theatre “unterm Dach”, Berlin, produced by “Gühne und Kollegen”.

2011 - 2019/

Decision to deal again with the piano as the main instrument: begin of an intensive engagement with literature, technique and composition.
Move from Berlin in a country house in the Fürstenberg seascape.
Return on stage as a solo artist after 17 years: First Piano Concert („Werkstattkonzert No.1“) on „1. Brandenburger Kunstsalon“, October 2nd. Berlin-Premiere at Volksbühne/Roter Salon, November 28th („Werkstattkonzert No.2“).
The series will be continued: on December 9, the workshop concert No. 15 takes place in Berlin. At the end of the year the current Website, designed by  Rainer Schleßelmann / Labor für Gestaltung Berlin is online.
radioEins lounge concert in the large broadcasting hall of the RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg), which is broadcast live via radio and webstream.
3rd Invitation to the More Ohr Less-Festival organized by Christine-Martha & Hans Joachim Roedelius.
Line up on August 3 (Solo Piano Night): Vikingur Olafsson, Harald Blüchel, Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Studio recordings and preparation of the album “No Ordinary Moments”.


The release of the CD album No Ordinary Moments and the art book NOM with accompanying concert tour planned for May 1st has been postponed indefinitely due to Corona.